Breaking Habits: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Breaking Habits: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Breaking Habits: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

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Notice. Shift. Rewire. 

Join Mindful for a series of audio meditations for changing habits. Complement these practices with the digital guide Train Your Brain to Break Habits.

This bundle includes:

  • 4 audio practices for changing habits, led by Judson Brewer
    • 9-Minute Meditation to Hack Your Brain's Habit Loops
    • 9-Minute Meditation to Tame Your Feelings of Anxiety 
    • 8-Minute Meditation to Unhook From Your Phone Addiction
    • 8-Minute Meditation to Rewire Your Food Cravings and triggers

  • Train Your Brain to Break Habits digital guide

We’re all creatures of habit. And we’re all creatures of bad habit. Habits of wanting. Habits of distraction. Habits of resistance. Habits of stress. Anything else that may feel constricting or controlling. Fortunately, as neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and thought leader in the field of habit change and the science of self-mastery Dr. Judson Brewer says, we form habits in a very specific way that can be observed, examined, and even altered. But first, we need to understand how it all works.

In this special guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Form and maintain habits
  • Find practices to create space to notice habits
  • Replace habits with behaviors that serve you

*When you purchase, will immediately receive a file with all four meditations and the digital guide.

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