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Our premium courses offer a roadmap to practicing self-care and building resilience—especially during difficult times. Learn mindfulness from the experts, or share this gift with a loved one, with our featured online courses.
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Mindful's special editions offer definitive guides to mindfulness meditation, taking you step-by-step through practices and techniques to help you make it a beneficial part of your life.
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Discover free mindfulness meditations to help take you further into your practice.  Explore our expert-led audio meditations for mindfulness, sleep, anxiety, gratitude, focus and more.
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Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us find peace, calm, and balance in even the most trying of times. And one of the best ways to support your mindfulness practice (and stick with it) is to have the support of a coach.
Mindful30: 30-Day Meditation Challenge
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Mindful Special Edition Volume 8: The Gratitude Journal by Mindful
Mindful Coaching
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Mindful Writing Course
NEW! Learn to De-Stress: How to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Life
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4 Audio Mindfulness Practices for Burnout #1
4 Audio Practices for Changing Habits + Train Your Brain to Break Habits Digital Guide
4 Audio Meditations for Kids + Mindfulness for Kids Digital Guide
4 Audio Mindful Practices for Self-Care + Digital Guide to Well-Being
4 Audio Morning Meditations + Start Your Day with Meditation Digital Guide
Nature Meditations Course
Reconnect With the Outdoors
Designed to help you overcome screen fatigue and take your mindfulness practice into nature.
The Summer Self-Care Sessions
3 Days of Self-Compassion
Practice sustainable self-care, honor your needs, and reclaim joy and well-being.

ONLINE EVENT | JUNE 21 - 23, 2022

“Mindfulness presents the opportunity for us to be more fully present for ourselves, our loved ones, and the earth.”

SEBENE SELASSIE • Author, Mindfulness Teacher

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