June 2022

June 2022
June 2022
June 2022

June 2022

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Mindful June 2022: The Self-Compassion Issue

Mindful Magazine’s June issue explores ways we can treat ourselves better and heal together. The Self-Compassion issue asks us to get real (and be kind!) about what it means to be human, and to courageously turn toward all of our messiness—including our flaws, our habits, and our pain.

We are all beautifully imperfect, and when we show ourselves kindness in the face of our own human struggles, we can show others the same. This is how change happens. This issue opens up some brave space for reflection, featuring a range of deeply inspiring voices and stories.

In this issue:

  • Love Without a Plan: Our brains crave novelty. Neuroscientist and writer Stephanie Cacioppo explores whether or not unpredictable events might invigorate love, and how we can benefit from making more room for improvisation in our relationships.
  • Befriend Your Wild Nature: Disconnection from nature has left us feeling uprooted and displaced. By practicing mindfulness in nature, writes mindfulness teacher Rochelle Calvert, we can develop a calm presence and deepen our embodied awareness.
  • Coming Undone, but Not Unmade: Navigating a cancer diagnosis while raising a young child, writer Kate Bowler asks: What do we do when the future we’re facing suddenly looks different from the one we imagined? 

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