Well-Being Digital Guide *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

Well-Being Digital Guide *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

Well-Being Digital Guide *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

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Please note: our Guide to Well-Being is a digital download (PDF). Upon purchase, you will receive a link from which to download your .pdf file.

Guide to Well-Being

A premium digital guide from the editors of Mindful. 

Mindful's Special Digital Guide: Guide to Well-Being is designed to help you tune in to your body, de-stress your mind, and open your heart.

To begin the art of unfurling into well-being, we practice tuning in to the sensations of our body—to the felt sense of having a body that stores all of our stress and our pleasure, all of our worries and delights.

Our intention with this special digital guide is to inspire you to connect to your body, nourish your senses, and find new ways to rest, renew, and connect with joy. 

Here's what's inside this digital guide from the editors of Mindful:



  • Relax

  • Move

  • Walk

  • Stretch

  • Eat

  • Work Out

  • Feel

  • Sleep

  • Play!


  • Deep Listening

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