Get Started with Mindfulness

Calm your mind, deepen your focus, and find more joy in life

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Are You Ready to Get Started with Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where you are and what you’re doing, and not overly reactive to or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. And while mindfulness is a skill that every human being naturally possesses (yes, you too!), it’s strengthened through meditation, and with short pauses inserted into your day.

This course offers practices and exercises to help you tap into your own natural state of mindfulness. You can build up a toolbox of mindful skills and use them wherever you are, anytime you feel stressed, anxious, or in need of greater clarity and focus.

This course can help you:

  • Drop into a state of calm, expansive perspective whenever you need it
  • Defuse a stress spiral in minutes
  • Interact with the world with less angst and more kindness
  • Experience greater spaciousness and freedom in any situation
  • Improve your relationships, including the one with yourself
  • Transform your experience of pain, even with chronic conditions
  • Create awareness of how your default thoughts and reactions control your mind and behaviours, and choose how you want to be

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Get Started with Mindfulness Course

Get Started with Mindfulness Course

Get Started with Mindfulness Course

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Course Curriculum

Start Here

  • Are you ready to be mindful?
  • Introduction

Common Questions

  • Is mindfulness for everyone?
  • Is mindfulness a relaxation technique?
  • How long should I practice?
  • What is the best practice for me?
  • How do I stop my mind from wandering?

How Mindfulness Helps

  • The science of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Mindfulness for everyday life
  • The habit forming brain
  • Do you know what makes you happy?

How to Sit

  • The importance of posture
  • Meditating on a cushion
  • Meditating using an office chair
  • Meditating using a meditation bench

Guided Meditation Practices

  • The CALM practice
  • A mindful breathing practice
  • The Three-Minute Breathing Space
  • The STOP practice
  • The counting practice
  • The "what went well?" practice
  • A loving-kindness practice
  • A four-part awareness practice
  • A mindful eating practice
  • A mindful body scan

Next Steps

  • What's next? Gathering tools to continue your practice
  • Forcefulness vs. gentleness
  • Awareness and worldview

Meet Your Instructor

Elaine Smookler is a registered psychotherapist, teacher, writer, and performer, known for her innovative methods in developing mindfulness and resilience. She's part of the faculty at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, offering both introductory and clinical programs, including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Elaine has also taught at the University of Toronto's medical school and facilitated The Mindfulness Project at SickKids hospital. Her engaging, non-judgmental, and cheerful approach makes her a beloved instructor among her students.

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