February 2022

February 2022

February 2022

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Mindful February 2022: Celebrating 50 Issues

Within the pages of the February 2022 issue, we learn how to create more space for the different ways grief can show up in our lives, explore what mindfulness-based programs can teach us all about preventing burnout, learn about the inner drive of our most ingrained habits and how to shift our habit loops, and discover how transformational gratitude can be when you create an intentional place for it in your life. Read on for a look at everything you'll find in this issue!

In this issue:

  • Living in a World of Grief: In the midst of the pandemic, we're finding a new language of loss, one that holds space for all the ways we grieve. 
  • Healing With Integrity: The dangerous rates of distress and burnout among healthcare workers are like a canary in the coal mine for the increasing mental health struggles that we all face. Here’s what a mindfulness-based program for nurses can teach us all about the inner skills that help prevent burnout.
  • Finding a Way to Keep Your Seat: Mindful meditation might overwhelm you some days, and underwhelm you others. With a little practice, you can stay curious and engaged, when you might otherwise run. 
  • The Science of Curiosity: The thrill of curiosity can motivate us to learn—or it can send us hurtling into rabbit holes and habit loops. Dr. Judson Brewer breaks down what this inner drive has to do with shifting our most ingrained habits. 
  • Explore the Power of Gratitude: Science writer Misty Pratt dives into the research showing how our experience can transform when we give gratitude an intentional place in our lives. Plus, three practices from leading mindfulness teachers to inspire you on your gratitude path. 
  • Lean into Love: When Frank Ostaseski suffered a series of strokes, his years of deep mindfulness practice supported him in a very deep way when everything else was falling apart.
  • Welcome Everything: Frank Ostaseski offers six steps to open up to the present moment—whatever it may bring.
  • A User’s Guide to a Journey Called Mindfulness: Mindfulness meditation is not a one-time thing. You do it again and again. As you keep doing it, a variety of challenges emerge. We'll offer advice for traveling the path of meditation

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