February 2016 *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

February 2016 *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

February 2016 *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

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Get In the Zone

He’s taught the Bulls, the Lakers, and the Knicks how to pay attention to their thoughts and emotions. When you master the inside, George Mumford says, the outside will follow. Hugh Delehanty reports.

What to Do When Meditation Gets Boring

At the start, you can get a big surge of motivation, but eventually it fades. Karin Evans talks to meditators and teachers about what they do to keep going, and to keep loving it.

Don’t Let an Angry Brain Be the Boss of You

The way to tame this dangerous emotion, say therapist Margaret Cullen and psychologist Gonzalo Brito Pons, is to get to know it well. Instead of “managing” anger, we can respect it, and use it effectively.


  • Are Male and Female Brains Really All That Different?
  • How Self-Help Can Backfire on You
  • Stop Your Inner Critic From Running Your Life

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