April 2016

April 2016

April 2016

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Brain Overload

Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Katherine Ellison thought she was just scatterbrained—until she was diagnosed with adult ADHD. The two are easily mistakable, but either way, she finds, mindfulness can help.

Grab a Moment of Mindfulness

Five quick practices you can fit into your existing daily routines with ease, brought to you by mindfulness instructors we admire.

Real People Meditating

Most of us don't do our daily meditation in a spa, despite mainstream media distortions. Photographer Lever Rukhin took to the streets to capture real people meditating in real places, from kitchens to public parks.


  • How to Embrace Your Most Difficult Emotions
  • The Secret of Not Getting Sick in the First Place
  • Good Moods, Bad Moods: What They Say About You

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