Loving-Kindness: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Loving-Kindness: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Loving-Kindness: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

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Create loving space.

Join Mindful for a series of audio meditations for loving-kindness. Complement these practices with the Loving-Kindness digital guide.

This bundle includes:

  • 4 audio meditation practices led by members of the Holistic Life Foundation
    • 6-Minute Meditation for Loving-Kindness on Your Loved Ones
    • 7-Minute Meditation for Loving-Kindness Respond Instead of React
    • 10-Minute Meditation for Loving-Kindness to Connect Us All
    • 12-Minute Meditation for Loving-Kindness on Yourself
  • Loving-Kindness digital guide

Mindful's Special Digital Guide: Guide to Loving-Kindness offers you the space to notice how compassion shows up in your life—where it naturally arises and where it might need some cultivation.

Our intention with this digital guide is to inspire you with the power of compassion. Offering you the tools to be with both the good and the difficult—to help you approach life by turning towards it, not away from it, to help you meet challenges with skill, and experience joy with abandon.

Here's what's inside this digital guide from the editors of Mindful:


  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Be Kind to Others
  • Open Up to Compassion
  • Turn to Self-Compassion
  • Deepen Your Resilience
  • Connect with Loving-Kindness
  • Personalize Your Meditation
  • The Power of Loving-Kindness

*When you purchase, will immediately receive a file with all four meditations and the digital guide.

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