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Mindful at Work

Mindful at Work

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Mindful at Work

It’s time to stop working harder, and start working mindfully. Burnout and overwhelm are on the rise, our workdays are getting longer, and more and more people are staying plugged in to work at all hours of the day. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, nearly half of workers today feel stress in their jobs, with 70% of them feeling it from their workload and work-life balance.

This is your reminder: you are not a machine. Just as important as productivity is your own mental wellness.

Why Mindfulness at Work?

By training us to pay attention moment-by-moment to where we are and what we’re doing, mindfulness can help us choose how we will behave, nudging (or jolting) us out of autopilot mode. Adopting a simple mindfulness practice can literally transform how you work by:

  • Allowing you to keep an open, curious mind
  • Teaching you the skill of responding, rather than reacting
  • Helping you remember that your thoughts are not facts
  • Building healthy habits that cultivate creative potential.

Mindful’s new course, Mindful at Work, is designed to help bring the benefits of mindfulness into your workday. By centering yourself in your work, you'll learn simple tools to begin to use mindfulness as a guide for improving leadership; fostering compassion, purpose, and self-care; and boosting creativity.

Ready to learn the mindfulness skills necessary to change your relationship to work for the better? Enroll today to get started!


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