A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness Course

A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness Course

A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness Course

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Experience the Power of Daily Mindfulness Practice

Boost your well-being with daily mindfulness practice in our 7 part, self-paced online mindfulness training, featuring lessons and guided practices from some of today’s leading mindfulness teachers.

Mindfulness allows us to engage openly with life’s many difficulties, relate to oneself and others more compassionately, and enjoy life.

A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness will help you walk the path of mindful living one step at a time – with expert guidance from leaders in the field – to help you embrace the daily practice of mindfulness and tap into its many benefits along the way.

The program is made up of research-backed mindfulness practices that help you navigate worry and anxiety, allow you to tune into your surroundings with greater awareness, and help you tap into greater happiness for yourself and for those around you.

When you enroll in A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness you’ll get access to:

  • 28 lessons organized in 7 mindfulness themes designed to help you establish a strong and nourishing daily mindfulness practice
  • Unlimited access to over 6 hours of insightful instruction and guided practices
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files of all program sessions
  • Professionally edited transcripts to support your personal reflection
  • Bonus 1: Guided meditations with Mindful’s editor-in-chief Barry Boyce
  • Bonus 2: Ease Into Sleep with Mindfulness, a downloadable guide from the Mindful editors

We know it can be hard to practice mindfulness meditation every day, so A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness offers you multiple ways to participate. Join some of today’s leading mindfulness teachers in 7 unique mindfulness experiences designed to boost your well-being and rewire your brain with positive daily habits for a happier and more fulfilling life.

A Practical Guide to Daily Mindfulness Practice Themes:

  • Awareness of the Moment, with Zindel Segal
  • Emotional Resilience, with Jessica Morey
  • Acknowledging Habits, with Judson Brewer
  • Mindful Movement, with Cara Bradley
  • Cultivating Compassion, with Vinny Ferraro
  • Being in Community, with Rhonda Magee
  • Loving-kindness, with Andy Gonzalez, Atman Smith, and Ali Smith
  • Bonus: Guided meditations with Mindful Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce

*Please note: this content is the same as our Find Calm and Nourish Resilience course and Mindful30 2018.

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