How to Meditate Course

How to Meditate Course

How to Meditate Course

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Meditation Can Change Your Life

You have the power to live a life of deep peace and unlimited happiness.
Although our days may seem filled with stress and overwhelm, we can make a different choice—to cultivate presence, generosity, compassion, and playfulness.

In this course, psychologist and mindfulness teacher Elisha Goldstein offers a powerful set of tools and practices to create long-lasting foundations for happiness and confidence.

Elisha’s teaching is simple and approachable, yet profoundly impactful. Each module includes tools you can work with and mindfulness practices you can use throughout the day, with tips for making these practices really stick.

Through this course, you will reduce stress, increase resiliency, and bring day-to-day experiences of life to another level where you are present, confident, and compassionate.

By training to pay attention to your mind, body, and emotions in a different way, you can step into a place of choice—a place of power to design your life and open your heart.

Bringing meditation and mindfulness to your daily life is a playful adventure, and a gift for yourself and everyone around you.

How to Meditate Will Help You:

  • Learn tools and techniques to develop a strong, lasting, mindfulness practice
  • Discover peace and confidence in your life
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase resilience in the face of challenge
  • Achieve emotional balance
  • Develop generosity and compassion towards yourself and others
  • Empower yourself to choose how you live your life
  • Learn how to respond instead of react

    This Course Includes:

    • A highly valuable, and downloadable, workbook and worksheets
    • Multi-part video modules guiding you through concepts, key practices and expert tips
    • Downloadable guided meditation practices in a variety of lengths to suit your interest and schedule
    • Introduction to breathing meditation, body scans and loving-kindness practices
    • An extensive toolkit of practical tips and tricks for bringing mindfulness into your life.
    • Lifetime access so you can come back again and again.
    • Recorded Q&A sessions with Elisha Goldstein

    Meet the Teacher

    Elisha Goldstein, PhD, is a psychologist with a private practice in West Los Angeles, California. He is the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living, and the creator of a number of powerful programs including the 6-month mentorship program, A Course in Mindful Living. He is a public speaker, and author who has published numerous articles, chapters, and blogs. Elisha synthesizes the pearls of traditional psychotherapy with a progressive integration of mindfulness to achieve mental and emotional healing.

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