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Mindful October 2022: The Peaceful Mind Issue

Mindful Magazine’s October issue illuminates the balance that can be found when we breathe and befriend. The Peaceful Mind issue invites us to explore the transformational art of turning toward difficult emotions.

We can’t hold back the difficult circumstances we may encounter in our lives. We can’t outrun our complicated feelings. But we can meet the substance of our lives with openness and curiosity. And when we do, we might be surprised by the ease and freedom we find. This is the intersection of mindfulness and difficult emotions. This issue explores that intersection of mindfulness and difficult emotions, and invites you to notice the space that’s always there for you.

Keep reading below to discover some featured topics from the October issue.

  • How to be with how you feel: Caren Osten Gerzberg talks with world-renowned meditation teachers and researchers about why courageously turning towards and meeting difficult emotions with kind awareness and self-compassion is so transformational.
  • The Science of Wanting: Too much dopamine can lead to overindulgence and addiction. Katherine Ellison reports on how we find balance and contentment in an age of instant gratification.
  • The Gentle Art of Letting Go: To realign with our intention and become active creators of our own lives, writes Yung Pueblo, we need to begin to let go of the past.

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