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Tap into true joy with Mindful’s June 2021 issue.

Within the pages of the June 2021 issue, we help you explore abundance—offering a surprising take on where to find community, discover the upside of gossip, learn how mindfulness can help you find more energy, and so much more.

 Read on for a look at everything you'll find in this issue!

June 2021 – The “Transform Your Life” Issue

In this issue:

  • Nourish Your Connection to Joy
When you understand the power of your predicting brain, writes Lisa Feldman Barrett, you unlock the ability to transform the way you experience your life.

  • The Fine Art of Failing

  • Failure doesn’t have to hold you back, writes Katherine Ellison—instead, it can be a practice of accountability.

  • Abundance

  • Embrace what you have and tap into true joy.

  • A Journey Through Grief

  • What you can learn from a broken heart.

  • Transform Your Life
What neuroscience says about how you create your reality.

  • Sewing Lessons
  • How to align with your values, love yourself more, and have a truly intentional wardrobe, just by taking fashion into your own hands.

  • Rebalance Your Energy Levels

  • Trying to pin down why you’re constantly exhausted can feel, well, exhausting. Experts say part of the solution could involve nurturing your adrenal health.

  • Feeling Lonely in a Sea of Love 
Even when you feel disconnected, you’re part of something larger than yourself. Your community is not just who you already know—it flows in abundance when you’re in need.

  • What Makes Good Gossip
  • Gossip can be a vehicle for meanness and chaos—but as Dacher Keltner explains, it can also be a social practice that works for the greater good.

  • Sea Change

  • The depths of grief can open us up to compassion, writes Bryan Welch on the value of a broken heart.

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