August 2015

August 2015

August 2015

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Seeing Everything

Artist, Maira Kalman reveals how she stumbles on hidden beauty in stuff you probably wouldn't give a second chance.

Your Brain's Worst Habit

Unconscious bias is a plague of our time, and we're all infected. So how do we stop our fear of the unknown from turning us into bigots? Karin Evans reports.

Cut Out the Woo-Woo

Talking about meditation without turning people off requires tact. ABC News anchor Dan Harris and Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce dig into meditation's massive PR problem.

Act Like You Mean It

During a stint on Showtime's Homeland working with the legendary Claire Danes, Michael O'Keefe learned a lot about acting—and mindfulness.


  • Uncovering Your Biases
  • 7 tips for talking about meditation...without being annoying
  • Find Your Self

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