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The New Farmers

They’re young, highly educated, motivated, and mostly come from non-farming families. And what they’re trying to accomplish—producing sustainably grown local food on a larger scale—could well improve the way we eat, the way we feed our communities, and the long-term health of our families and the planet. Donna Nebenzahl reports.

Eat Well, Heal the Earth

Dan Barber has some wacky ideas about how we need to eat to live sustainably, like eating the fuzz from cattails and serving carrots like steaks. Why? Because this award-winning New York chef has taken the time to explore the connection between how we eat and how we care for the earth.

Sidebar: How to make carrot steaks!

Sidebar: These 3 plates represent our food future

Does Fast Food Really Cost Less?

Don’t be fooled by the cheap sticker price on convenience foods. They’re low in nutrition, lack variety, and we pay for it with our health. Congressman Tim Ryanshows us what our governments can do to support our desire to eat healthy. It’s a national priority.

Uncovering Happiness

Bouts of depression range from the mild and infrequent to the severe and chronic. For any level of depression, Elisha Goldstein explains, underlying the darkness is happiness, and our brain is equipped with the means to uncover it.

Sidebar: 5 Major Mind Traps

Sidebar: Take a Self-compassion Inventory

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