4 Audio Mindfulness Practices for Burnout #1

4 Audio Mindfulness Practices for Burnout
4 Audio Mindfulness Practices for Burnout

4 Audio Mindfulness Practices for Burnout #1

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A Mindful Response to Burnout: Replenish Your Body and Mind

Shalini Bahl-Milne

A 14-Minute Practice to Check In with Your Body

We need energy for everything—to get stuff done, to meet our responsibilities, to have a fulfilling life. We need energy, and yet when we keep going and never stop, we deplete this important resource within us.

A 15-Minute Practice to to Turn Toward Your Emotions

Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted at the end of the day? Of course, there are physical reasons for feeling exhausted, like lack of sleep or not enough movement or rest or hydration or nourishment. But even on days when you don't do physically challenging work, you may still feel tired. 

There's another big reason why we feel exhausted, and that is our high-intensity emotions. So not just the unpleasant ones like anxiety or fear, but even the pleasant ones, like excitement or elation. These can be depleting as well.

The idea is not that we should never experience high-intensity emotions. Rather, the invitation is that we turn towards our emotions so that we can choose how to channel them in a way that meets our goals without burning us out.

A 14-Minute Practice to Reconnect with Your Senses

We have limited cognitive resources that we use for thinking, planning, strategizing, and willpower. If we keep drawing from that pool of resources without replenishing them, we can begin to feel depleted, in that our brain gets sluggish, and we don't make good decisions.

In this practice, we're going to replenish our mental energy by returning to our senses, literally. When we use our senses, like touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, listening, it's in those moments our thinking mind gets to rest.

A 14-Minute Practice to Act on What’s Important

Research shows that we feel the most energized when we find purpose and meaning in what we are doing. But, on the other hand, we can feel depleted when we don't take time to do activities that are inspiring or important to us. So, in this practice, we're going to create some space and time to reconnect with ourselves and ask ourselves the question, “What's most important to me?”

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