Relationships: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Relationships: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

Relationships: Digital Guide + Audio Meditations

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Tap into mindful love.

Join Mindful for a series of audio meditations for fostering relationships. Complement these practices with the Love in Action Digital Guide.

This bundle includes:

  • 4 audio meditation practices led by Vinny Ferraro
    • 9-Minute Meditation to Nourish an Undefended Heart
    • 10-Minute Meditation to Open Up to Compassion
    • 12-Minute Meditation to Radiate Compassion and Resilience
    • 16-Minute Meditation to Heal Pain with Loving-Kindness
  • Love in Action digital guide

Mindful's Special Digital Guide: Love in Action is designed to help you explore ways to cultivate a deep sense of belonging, nourish passion through acts of joy, navigate difficult conversations with skill, and really listen to and observe your partner in a way that builds trust and lasting connection.

Here's what's inside this digital guide from the editors of Mindful:


  • Be Your Best Possible Self
  • Deepen Your Connections
  • Connect with Love
  • How to Be Mindful in an Argument
  • Communicate with Attentiveness
  • Practice Deep Listening
  • Speak from the Heart
  • What Is Love?

*When you purchase, will immediately receive a file with all four meditations and the digital guide.

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