Mindful Eating

Learn to listen to your body, become more self-compassionate and transform your relationship with food.

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Mindful eating isn’t a diet in disguise.

It is not about changing, fixing, or improving yourself.

Mindful eating means bringing compassionate awareness to eating and to your relationship with food. It’s a journey to feeling more connected with yourself and learning how to nourish yourself so you feel well in both body and mind. Guided by renowned mindfulness teacher Melli O’Brien, this audio course is designed to help you learn how to attune to your body's needs and foster self-compassion.

7 powerful audio sessions, only 15 minutes per day.

In this course, you’ll explore how to:

  • Listen to your body
  • Work with cravings and make conscious choices
  • Use your five senses to slow down and savor
  • Cultivate a transformative sense of gratitude
  • Befriend your body
  • Let go of self-criticism
  • Make mindful eating a way of life

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Mindful Eating Course

Mindful Eating Course

Mindful Eating Course

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Course Curriculum

  • Day 1: Listening to Your Body
  • Day 2: Making More Conscious Choices
  • Day 3: Slow Down and Savor
  • Day 4: The Gratitude Effect
  • Day 5: Befriending Your Body
  • Day 6: The Satisfaction Point
  • Day 7: Making Mindful Eating a Way of Life

Meet Your Instructor

Melli O'Brien is a mindfulness educator and mental health coach with over two decades of experience, her work having touched the lives of over one million people globally. She is also co-founder of Mindfulness.com and The Mindfulness Summit—the world’s largest mindfulness conference.

Melli has distilled and synthesized her knowledge on resilience, stress management, peak performance psychology, positive neuroplasticity training and mindfulness into The Deep Resilience Method. Her first book will come out in 2024.

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