April 2022

April 2022
April 2022
April 2022

April 2022

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Mindful April 2022: The Resilience Issue

Mindful Magazine’s April issue explores cultivating resilience in extraordinary times—offering guidance on embracing change and moving forward when we feel stuck, ways to unlock your inherent wisdom, and supportive practices to help you navigate conflicts with ease.

This issue is packed with tips and meditations from trusted mindfulness experts to help you explore life with a fresh perspective and thrive—as you learn how to better connect with your inner wisdom.

Keep reading below to check out a few of our favorite features from this issue:

In this issue:

  • Compassionate Curiosity: We don’t always think about curiosity as a part of mindfulness. Still, this robust quality allows our everyday experiences—even those we don’t want to have—to get some breathing room and maybe even shift in unexpected ways.  
  • Agree to Disagree: When people have the shocking audacity to think differently than you do, you can stay open and curious, and find common ground, even when you are sure that they are wrong and you’re so very, very suitable.
  • The Medicine of Forgiveness: Forgiveness may feel impossible, but it’s an essential step toward healing. In this book excerpt, Christiane Wolf explains what forgiveness means and how we can begin to forgive others—and ourselves—for what’s hurt us in the past.
  • The Science of Curiosity: The thrill of curiosity can motivate us to learn—or it can send us hurtling into rabbit holes and habit loops. Dr. Judson Brewer breaks down what this inner drive has to do with shifting our most ingrained habits. 
  • Refuge and Recovery: The refugee crisis displaces millions of people globally, many of whom suffer traumatic stress. In one refugee community, a pioneering mindfulness and compassion program shows promise in helping people cultivate moments of peace.
  • It Can Change In a Moment: The winding path of grief is complicated by trauma. For survivors of gun violence, mindfulness can help heal their pain and find post-traumatic growth, one breath at a time.
  • Violence Healers: Survivors Empowered was born out of one family’s response to tragic loss. After the shooting death of their daughter, Sandy and Lonnie Phillips devoted themselves to mentoring other survivors of gun violence in carrying on mindfully.
  • Share Your Meditation Practice: A mindful guide to crafting your meditation retreat at home. Deepen your mindfulness practice and share it with those around you.
  • The Only Constant is Change: Mindfulness practice can help us change—for the better—and help us work with the inevitable changes life brings. As Barry Boyce writes, our practice teaches us a recipe for navigating change: time plus kindness plus curiosity plus not-knowing.

Learn from world-class teachers and benefit from resources grounded in the science and practice of mindfulness, including 
10 meditation practices, exclusive digital bonus content, and much more. Order a copy of this issue today!

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