Mindful Affirmations

Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations
Mindful Affirmations

Mindful Affirmations

Discover the transformative power of these Mindful Affirmations, a beautifully crafted 52-card deck designed to infuse your everyday life with mindfulness, tranquility, and personal growth.

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How it works

Each day, a new affirmation

With 52 cards, every day you'll find a bit of mindful wisdom to bring into your life.

A reminder throughout the day

Read, sit with, and repeat the affirmation throughout the day, noticing where it has special or unexpected significance.

Go deeper with meditation

Scan the QR code to get your related lesson and guided meditation, deepening your mindfulness practice.

Introducing your new daily companion for mindful living...

In collaboration with Mindfulness.com and Mindful.org, we are delighted to present our Mindful Affirmation cards, a collection of 52 thoughtfully designed cards to bring a touch of mindfulness to your daily life.

Each card in this special pack carries a personal affirmation, carefully crafted for you to carry and reflect upon throughout your day.

But there's more – each card is also embedded with a unique QR code. Simply scan it with your phone's camera to access an exclusive short lesson and guided meditation, deepening your understanding and experience of the day's theme.

Why affirmation cards?

These cards are perfect for those of us who want:

Practical Guidance Amidst Everyday Life: Each card presents a unique affirmation rooted in core mindfulness principles, fostering clarity and focus in your daily routine.

Cultivate Daily Presence: Convenient to carry and use, each card serves as a daily anchor, bringing calm and presence into your routine. These powerful affirmations help you start each day with a grounded intent.

Enhance Emotional Resilience: As you engage with the affirmations, you'll notice a strengthening in your emotional resilience. The thoughtful phrases encourage self-reflection and foster a nurturing inner dialogue, empowering you to face challenges with a grounded and mindful perspective.

Deepen Your Understanding: The unique combination of affirmations and accessible guided meditations deepens your mindfulness practice. With each QR code, unlock lessons that enrich your understanding, making every day an opportunity for personal growth and mindful living.

Ideal for Sharing

Introduce friends and family to the benefits of mindfulness. It's not just a card; it's an introduction to a more centered and present way of living.

Gift an entire deck, or an individual card to someone you love. It’s a simple way to bring more mindful moments to friends and family.


52 Positive Affirmations

Based on the principles of positive psychology and mindful positive language, Mindful Affirmations have been thoughtfully designed to encourage you to feel your best every day, in every situation.

52 Guided Meditations

The QR code on each card takes you directly to a relevant meditation from the Mindfulness.com app so you can practice with ease.

52 Mindful Lessons

Each meditation is preceded by a video lesson from Cory Muscara and Melli O'Brien to help you deepen your mindful practice.


The deck contains 52 cards with unique mindful affirmations, one for each week of the year. This provides new inspiration and mindfulness lessons all year long!

The affirmations promote qualities like gratitude, self-love, resilience, presence, and growth. Examples include "I release the past and welcome the future with joy" and "My challenges make me stronger and wiser."

Each QR code unlocks a special video lesson from Cory or Melli, PLUS a guided meditation from mindfulness teachers to reinforce the card's affirmation. Lessons provide insights while meditations instill calm.

Video lessons are 5-7 minutes long to provide truly useful guidance. Meditations range from 10-15 minutes for relaxation and reflection. The perfect length for a mindful break!

You can still benefit from the affirmation cards anytime without wifi. However, to access the videos and meditations, an internet connection is required to scan the QR codes and stream the content.

  • Domestic Orders (US): Your deck should arrive at your doorstep in approximately 5-7 business days.
  • International Orders: Please allow up to 21 days for your cards to reach you. We appreciate your patience and understanding as international shipping can vary based on various factors.

New to mindfulness? Here's how it helped others.

Practising mindfulness has not only reduced my stress, anxiety and fear levels and helped me cope with the huge challenges life throws at us, but also increased my capacity for love, kindness and compassion


I begin my day with Mindfulness and often find myself turning to it during moments or intense stress or rising emotion. This has helped me immensely with emotional regulation, manage my stress, anxiety, and become more present, rather than constantly running on a hamster wheel.


I am far more peaceful than I used to be and I can’t imagine life without mindfulness. Thanks so much.


Mindfulness meditation was a peaceful way to start the day to clean your mind of negativity and place good thoughts for a positive day


A few minutes of mindfulness and meditation in the morning helps me feel more anchored and grounded throughout the day. Thank you team mindfulness!


I never gave myself credit, nor joy. Finding meditation, and then mindfulness has opened my eyes to false beliefs about myself. At 79, I am still a work in progress, andfeeling good about who I really am.