4 Mindful Practices for Self-Care

4 Mindful Practices for Self-Care

4 Mindful Practices for Self-Care

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A series of mindful meditation self-care practices to help cultivate compassion, define boundaries, become more honest, and connect to the global community.

Mindful Meditations are downloadable audio sessions selected from our most popular content from mindful.org and Mindful Online Learning. Designed to guide anyone from novice meditators to those who have been practicing for years, they’re a simple way to create your own personal collection of helpful meditation and mindfulness practices from trusted teachers to tap into whenever you need them—at home or on the go. Download them on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to support you on your mindfulness meditation journey.

After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America immersed in Fortune 1000 organizations, and the past decade as a high-ranking executive in public and privately-held companies, Shelly Tygielski turned to teaching “modern-life mindfulness” full-time, with a special emphasis on the business sector and athletic organizations. In 2016, Shelly launched “America Meditates,” a grass-roots organization bringing 90- minute workshops to cities across America.

This set of practices includes: 

  • 9-Minute Meditation to Define Boundaries
  • 9-Minute Meditation for Fierce Honesty
  • 8-Minute Meditation to Take a Moment for Mindful Self-Care
  • 14-Minute Meditation to Build Communities of Care

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