4 Meditations for Fostering Relationships

4 Meditations for Fostering Relationships

4 Meditations for Fostering Relationships

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In this four-part series, you'll discover the power of compassion and explore how it can help you connect more deeply with both yourself and others.

Mindful Meditations are downloadable audio sessions selected from our most popular content from mindful.org and Mindful Online Learning. Designed to guide anyone from novice meditators to those who have been practicing for years, they’re a simple way to create your own personal collection of helpful meditation and mindfulness practices from trusted teachers to tap into whenever you need them—at home or on the go. Download them on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to support you on your mindfulness meditation journey.

Vinny Ferraro has been a practitioner of insight meditation (vipassanā) since the early 1990s. He is a co-Founder of the Dharma Punx and co-Guiding Teacher of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. He is also a nationally recognized leader in designing and implementing interventions for at-risk adolescents and is currently Senior Trainer for Mindful Schools. In 1987, he began leading groups in drug rehabilitation centers, juvenile halls, and halfway houses. In 2001, he began teaching for Challenge Day, a nationally recognized, social & emotional learning program, eventually becoming their Director of Training and leading workshops for over 110,000 youth on four continents. Vinny is also a board member and former Training Director of the Mind Body Awareness Project and is the principal author of MBA’s mindfulness-based curriculum for incarcerated youth. Vinny has received national media coverage for his work with adults and youth; his work is the subject of the MTV series “If You Really Knew Me…” 

This series of meditations includes:

  • 9-Minute Meditation to Nourish an Undefended Heart
  • 10-Minute Meditation to Open Up to Compassion
  • 12-Minute Meditation to Radiate Compassion and Resilience
  • 16-Minute Meditation to Heal Pain with Loving-Kindness

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