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As the future of work continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the need for conscious, mindful, and compassionate leadership has never been more critical. Our masterclass, Conscious Leadership: Shaping the Future of Work with Georgina Miranda, will guide you through the essential principles of mindfulness, personal leadership, and conscious decision-making necessary to navigate the complexities of today's organizational environments. 

Date: Wednesday, July 24th, 2024
Time: 9am - 1pm Pacific / 12pm - 4pm Eastern
Where: Zoom

Join us for this transformative masterclass and become the conscious leader your organization or community needs in today's dynamic landscape. Embrace the principles of mindfulness, compassion, selflessness, and empowerment. Anyone, not just those in leadership positions, can be a conscious leader.

This masterclass will help you

Ignite a shift in leadership from "I" to "We" and bring interconnection to life.

Embody focus, creativity, clarity, and compassion in the service of others.

Inspire a culture of collaboration and connection within your organization.

Be a change agent fostering inclusivity and innovative thinking.

Apply conscious leadership to every aspect of your work and life, regardless of your position.

Meet Georgina Miranda

On this journey, we’ll be guided by social entrepreneur, educator, and explorer Georgina Miranda. Georgina is a globally sought-after public speaker, consultant, and leader in change, transformation, mindfulness, conscious leadership development, and the advancement of women. She is the CEO and founder of She Ventures, a social enterprise unleashing the untapped power of women while fostering personal, professional, and entrepreneurial growth.

Georgina’s work is centered in uncovering truth, and cultivating mindfulness, awareness, inner resilience, conscious leadership, and compassion. It’s a new era to thrive not only in profitability, but with impact and total well-being. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, and those called to shift mountains within themselves and the world around them. Georgina has worked in transformative collaborative projects with clients on 6 continents, and explored all 7 continents in her adventures, bringing a global perspective to any work she does. She regularly advises and mentors startups, founders, and leaders globally. Some of her clients include Patagonia, Knoll, Aramark, AT&T Business, and many more.

Her thought leadership and adventures have been featured in Forbes, BBC, Vox, Glamour, NBC News, and more media outlets and films. Georgina fearlessly advocates for women's rights, gender equality, climate change, and mental wellness.

In addition to her MBA, Georgina is a certified yoga, mindfulness, and energy practitioner. She shares her expertise through contributions to Mindful magazine and mindfulness at work initiatives, cultivating inclusive and mindful environments.

More About the Masterclass

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the Foundations of Mindfulness:
    • Learn the principles of mindfulness and its importance in maintaining attention and awareness in the workplace.
    • Explore techniques to manage change fatigue, burnout, and depletion by cultivating a mindful approach to leadership.
    • Discover how mindfulness helps in being present in your ways of working: listening, speaking, and writing.

  2. Develop Compassionate Leadership Skills:
    • Understand the role of self-compassion in personal and professional growth.
    • Learn how to extend compassion to others, creating a culture of emotional intelligence, trust, and care within your organization.
    • Cultivate empathy, compassion, and patience in both leadership and life.

  3. Cultivate Selflessness and Empowerment:
    • Discover the impact of shifting from an "I" to a "We" mindset in leadership.
    • Learn strategies to foster a collaborative and connected organizational culture.
    • Empower individuals to embrace personal leadership, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

  4. Redefine Leadership for a New Era:
    • Examine the impact of the global pandemic on work environments and the emerging skills required for future growth.
    • Learn how to design and engineer supportive workplace structures that prioritize profitability and employees' well-being.
    • Explore how conscious leaders can dismantle outdated systems and create equitable, impactful workplaces.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Better Manage Stress: Techniques to reduce stress and quiet your mind.
  • Build Resilience: Strengthen your ability to recover from challenges.
  • Boost Happiness: Enhance your overall sense of well-being.
  • Manage Emotions: Better understand and control your emotional responses.
  • Increase Focus: Improve concentration in your work and life.
  • Reduce Anxiety: Learn methods to alleviate anxiety.
  • Increase Productivity: Enhance efficiency and effectiveness in your tasks.
  • Improve Conscious Leadership Skills: Develop leadership qualities that inspire and uplift others.
  • Reconnect with Yourself: Grow self-awareness and connect with your true self.
  • Presence in Work: Be more present in your interactions and tasks.
  • Empathy and Compassion: Cultivate a deeper sense of empathy and compassion in leadership and life.

Key Elements:

  • Self-Awareness: Begin with self-awareness to drive meaningful change.
  • Integration: Learn how to integrate mindfulness, compassion, and selflessness into your daily routines.
  • Inclusivity: Understand how anyone, not just those in leadership positions, can be a conscious leader.
  • Scientific Backing: Discover the scientifically proven physical, emotional, and mental benefits of these practices.