Loving-Kindness Meditation Course with Sharon Salzberg

Loving-Kindness Meditation Course with Sharon Salzberg

Loving-Kindness Meditation Course with Sharon Salzberg

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Loving-Kindness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

Loving-kindness offers us a profound sense of connection, guiding us to live our lives with greater intention and compassion.

In this online course from mindful, Sharon Salzberg—one of the world's leading loving-kindness meditation teachers—offers us her distinctive approach to loving-kindness practice.

This course, filmed via Zoom from her small home in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 lockdown, offers intimate, humble, and vulnerable moments with Sharon—while simultaneously delivering a clear, rich, and transformative message about loving-kindness practice.

In this unique course, Sharon will explore:

  • What happens when we shift our attention to the good within ourselves and in others
  • How loving-kindness is an adventure in consciousness to help us to broaden our perspective
  • The power of loving-kindness to alter our conditioning, ethics, and behavior
  • The truth of how the world actually is—allowing us to develop sympathetic joy
  • How to receive loving-kindness from both yourself and others
  • Our interconnectedness with each other and with the world

In this video course, you will receive:

  • Expert instruction from loving-kindness teacher Sharon Salzberg
  • Video sessions about the 7 phases of loving-kindness practice
  • Downloadable audio recordings to take with you on the go
  • Two recorded live sessions with Sharon that you can watch again and again

Join us to discover the power of loving-kindness meditation with Sharon Salzberg.

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