Best-Selling Audio + Digital Guide Bundles

Best-Selling Audio + Digital Guide Bundles

Best-Selling Audio + Digital Guide Bundles

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For the person on your gift list looking to establish a simple habit of self-care, Mindful Meditations can kickstart the journey! With the option to downloaded these exceptional mindfulness tools right to a smartphone, it’s easier than ever to carve out time for tuning in to the body and calming the mind—anytime, anywhere.

Each package includes a series of four audio meditations led by a mindfulness expert and an accompanying digital guide with related tips and practices from the editors of Mindful. Choose from an array of our most popular themes ranging from managing anxiety to improving relationships.

This holiday, give a gift that really gives back and help your loved ones discover the daily benefits of leading a mindful life with a bundle of Mindful's most popular meditations and digital guides.

With each Audio + Digital bundle, you’ll receive four audio meditations and the accompanying digital guide.

Choose from the following packages:

  • Mindful Movement
    • 4 audio meditations led by Cara Bradley
    • The Digital Guide to Mindful Movement
  • For Kids
    • 4 audio meditations led by Susan B. Katz & Heather Hawk Feinberg
    • Mindfulness for Kids Digital Guide
  • Self-Care
    • 4 audio meditations led by Shelly Tygielski
    • Guide to Well-Being Digital Guide
  • Managing Anxiety
    • 4 audio meditations led by Jessica Morey
    • How to Meditate with Anxiety Digital Guide
  • Relationships
    • 4 audio meditations led by Vinny Ferraro
    • Love in Action Digital Guide
  • Morning Meditations
    • 4 audio meditation practices led by Ghylian Bell
    • Start Your Day with Meditation Digital Guide
  • Loving-Kindness
    • 4 audio meditation practices led by members of the Holistic Life Foundation
    • Loving-Kindness Digital Guide
  • Changing Habits
    • 4 audio practices for changing habits, led by Judson Brewer
    • Train Your Brain to Break Habits Digital Guide


*When you purchase, will immediately receive a file with all four meditations, the digital guide, and a digital gift card if you are sending this as a gift.

Giving this as a gift? Download the shareable gift card!

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