Welcome: A Compassion Training Course

Welcome: A Compassion Training

Welcome: A Compassion Training Course

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Expert Training to Enhance Openness, Empathy, and Contentment

Deepen your mindfulness practice, cultivate compassion, and learn to live in greater alignment with your true values with the Welcome: A Compassion Training Course brought to you by Mindful and Naropa University.

This unique offering brings together insights from the new field of compassion science and neuroplasticity with the ancient wisdom of traditional mindfulness practices. It offers self-paced, expert-led sessions, a course workbook, and lifetime access so you can return again and again; it concludes with a certificate of completion from Naropa University.

Train both your body and brain to become more open and authentic, and to feel more alive and awake through this 7-part intensive study of practices, exercises, and contemplations.

Expertly led by preeminent mindfulness teachers Judith Simmer-Brown, Charlotte Rotterdam, and Jordan Quaglia, this course emphasizes not just learning but training—offering a structured schedule of skills and practice sessions to foster deep contemplation that you can customize to fit into your daily life.

With a focus on the five stages of loving-kindness practice, this course will help you to develop your natural instinct for compassion and become your most alive, authentic, loving self.

Welcome: A Compassion Training will help you to:

  • Connect with your body and embodiment as the basis of compassion practice
  • Train your brain to increase your compassion and loving-kindness capacity
  • Gain a deep sense of interdependence and shared community
  • Cultivate healing and heartfelt compassion for yourself and others
  • Develop positive habits and improve behavior patterns
  • Experience more joy, empathy, love, and gratitude

This self-paced, online course includes:

  • Multi-part lessons on key concepts and practices with three expert teachers
  • Expert-led sessions focused on the science of compassion
  • Downloadable audio for guided practice
  • A course workbook to help lead you through the practices and exercises
  • A certificate of completion from Naropa University
  • Lifetime access, so that you can come back again and again
  • A recorded Q&A session with the instructors

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